Sistema Chris La Valle


Chris is my Argentine mother. She is not my mother in the sense that she raised me or gave birth to me, but more on the sense that she took care of me unconditionally. She was actually the coolest mom I've ever met. Not only did she share her passion for yoga with me, but also she always shared stories of traveling, friends and family, stories to make me laugh and often this was done over ice cream. As soon as I knew I would be living in Argentina I searched for English speaking yoga studios in Buenos Aires. I found Chris' website and the day after I emailed her I got great news back. She responded to me briefly because of her busy schedule (and now I know she's so busy helping other people) that we were definitely in touch, that she could give me Spanish lessons and that she'll do her best to help me get immersed in yoga down there. I was thrilled! We kept in touch, and I followed her offer and called her the day I arrived. I met her the day after in her cute studio. From the start she extended her “Mother-ness” and friendship and we talked about how I was going to job hunt for yoga positions. She told me the most beautiful thing, her life goal, to help other people in efforts to better the world we all live in. She gave me a yoga form in Spanish to both practice my Spanish and to get to know my yoga history better. Two days later I ended up in her water yoga class. When I saw her again I could feel her warmness. She is surely someone I try to be like by extending a warm, humorous, real friendship to the people I meet. Water yoga class was incredible! Her technique is unique!!!!!! My fellow students were like a circle of friends. In the pool we relaxed and laughed together. The water really has a unique effect on the mind body connection. It made me feel like a kid and brought a sense of complete bliss. After class, the circle of friends moved to the café to share more laughs, sweet treats, stories, and discuss the details of the previous yoga class. One student is in the process of being certified to teach water yoga. Part of the student's responsibility is to create a manual made up of what we've done in class, and Chris was there to help! She even had me read the notes aloud to practice my Spanish. I will always cherish my days at water yoga. Chris was always there for me in Buenos Aires, and even though I am back in the States she is still there for me! We had so much fun together. She always invited me to go roller-skating in the park. When I was sick she would call to check on me. There are countless times she reached out to me. My friends and family had the pleasure of meeting Chris and the still speak of her with the most sincere regards. Her endless stories of her life, yoga advice (I now do a correct headstand!) and her friendship are inspiring. At the end of every class, or any day, she was there to get a cup of coffee, talk and listen. I miss her and wish we weren't countries apart, but I know her passion for making yoga an international, healing phenomenon will keep us friends for life!

Miranda Knox  
(Student of Hatha and Wateryoga under Chris La Valle`s technique )
Yoga teacher San Diego, California. USA
October 2007