A place devoted to your personal needs
Personalized attention (private or semiprivate classes)

Chris La Valle´s Technique

Everyone is a unique and different being and deserves to be treated like this. For this reason, our attention is focused on your well being A system of Personal Trainer in Yoga  where each activity is under the supervision of health physicians. This was thought for anyone: the one who has a busy schedule and cannot fit in a group class, or the one who does not like group classes, or just depending on the person´s pathology cannot be in one . Here you can arrange your schedule for the activity you are interested in. You just call(during office hours), make an appointment to fill in a student`s heath form and we evaluate the program you need. We do exactly the same for handicapped people and in some cases, when required, we go to your own place. We also have group activities, however, to be able to take part in them it is relevant for us to know if there exists a physical or emotional problem to place you in the one that suits you best.

In short, Espacio Chris La Valle has been designed for very busy people,or for those who don`t like large group classes, offering the possibility of being evaluated by health physicians in case you want to follow a yogatherapy program or any of the activities offered here. Besides it is the only place in Buenos Aires where classes can be taught in English, Spanish, Italian and Sign Language either at the Center or at the place you are staying (hotel, apartment,office).We also offer Yoga classes for Babies (together with their Moms and Dads), Water Yoga, Art therapy, Meditation, Sessions of Reiki and Healing.etc.