La Valle



Teaching Experience

Although she was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina,she is also an Italian citizen.
When she was four she started taking ballet classes, as well as Folk dancing form Argentina and learned swimming.
Later , at twelve studied drama for many years in Argentina.
She got a Master Degree as English teacher at USAL and in 1981 at University of Berkeley, California,where she also got another in Drama.
She worked a lot as an actress in Radio, TV shows, Movies , did a lot of commercials and got famous for the funny characters she used to play.
She lived and worked in America and Spain not only as an actress but also as a Reporter, English, Spanish Teacher (for foreigners) and of course, taught Yoga in both languages.
At the same time she kept studying Yoga in Europe, India as well as different kinds of dancing classes.She has started working as a teacher since she was 15 and helping and working with the disabled since she was six.
She became famous for her different teaching approaches in different areas at the Argentinian Actor`s Union.
She also studied Reiki, Healing, Bionergetics, Numerology and wrote many articles that were published in very important magazines and newspapers in Argentina.
By creating her own technique, she opened her own Center "Espacio Chris La Valle" in 2001 when she returned to Argentina.
She keeps giving workshops not only in Argentina but also abroad, in Spanish, English, Sign Language and Italian. She is also Member of (Argentinian Actors Union , Argentores (Argentinian Authors society, OAPY (Organization Argentinian Yoga Teachers) and of IAYT (Internacional Asssociation of Yoga Therapists)