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By Chris La Valle

In most circumstances, yoga is practiced on land, either in the classroom or in the home. It can also be practiced outdoors, where the beauty of nature can add to the spiritual experiences. However, certain yoga poses and exercises can be adapted to the water. Just as many fitness facilities now offer aqua aerobics, a number of yoga studios and gyms are beginning to offer "aqua yoga" as well.

There are many benefits to practicing yoga in the water. On the pragmatic side, aqua yoga makes exercising safer for many people, especially those whose weight problems or injuries make weight bearing exercises (as any standing land exercise is considered) difficult or impossible. The water helps support the body, easing wear and tear on the joints. In addition to offering support, water also adds resistance to the exerciser. The muscles must push against the water to achieve different poses, which helps in building strength. On a more spiritual note, there is something very nurturing and emotionally comforting about water. Water seems to put us more in touch with our intuitive, emotional side. Indeed, in the Jungian theory of the collective unconscious, water signifies deep feelings and hidden motivations. Practicing yoga in the water can put us in touch with the intuitive side of our nature.

Obviously, the easiest exercises to adapt to an aquatic class are the standing asanas. The tree pose, the pose of the dancer, the eagle pose, and a modified salute to the sun are but a few examples of asanas that easily adapt to a water yoga class. Indeed, poses which require a great deal of balance can often be achieved in the water by those who have difficulty with them on land. The water acts as a support, and the edge of the pool to aid in balance. Once sufficient mastery with support has been gained, the practitioner can further the balance they may have even achieved in land exercises by letting go of the wall and trying to maintain their balance against the ever moving currents in the water.

Aqua yoga is a harmonious workout. It combines the gentle, qualities of yoga with the ebb and flow of the water. For physical and mental relaxation, it is unsurpassable.

Wateryoga class schedule

Saturdays 2 pm.

Important: You can also ask for private or semiprivate wateryoga sessions at your place (home, hotel, company ,spa, etc.) with certified yoga instructors.

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