Yogatherapy Involves

Chris La Valle's Technique

  • Rehabilitation of injuries or working deeply on a certain troublesome area of the body
  • Helping you develop a customized daily practice
  • Personal attention is given to help modify postures and then develop alternatives to accommodate your physical ability
  • Assisting you in the precise alignment of each asana .
  • Example of clients issues include Stress management, Sports training,Managing menopausal symptoms, Arthritis, Infertility, Cancer recovery, etc.
Only in Private sessions Remember: In a private yoga session, the teacher devotes his/her undivided attention to your yoga practice, tailoring the session to your individual needs .Private yoga classes can take you further in your practice than a group class can .

To schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment, simply call at 15 56039724 (from Argentina or e-mail . We will work with you to find a time that meets your scheduling needs. Weekend and evening appointments are available. Daytime appointments are recommended when possible, however, as weekends and evenings fill quickly.

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