Certification Programs Under Chris La Valle´s Technique

Training courses


Admission requirements:

Addressed mainly to yoga teachers as well as qualified gym professionals. In each case certifications must be shown before starting any course.

If students have experience in both areas and have no certifications, extra classes are available for them to be able to get them.

Attendance at any course is compulsory to get certified. (If for any reason you cannot attend classes and want to get certified you have to ask for additional classes to make up for the ones you missed).

Before starting it`s also compulsory to have an appointment with Chris La Valle to fill in an application form for admission.

Yoga for Babies (includes yoga for Moms and Dads)
40 hour course (in five months)
Sundays 12 (noon)
(From March to June and From July to November)


  • from march to july
  • from july to november
  • from august to december
  • intensive course in february

Yoga , Art Therapy and the Disabled (First level)
Ten month course (From March to December) Sundays 15.00 hours

Creative Meditation
Ten month course Sundays 18.30 hours .(except on January)
Students can attend classes at any time of the year to get certified if they complete the whole term.

Ten month course
Saturdays 13.30 hours
Requirements: Swimming skills, Certifications in yoga ,gym and swimming. (If you know how to swim and are not certified in any of items above, you can make the course in 20 months).


- Important -

All the workshops can be done at any city or country abroad by comprising them in intensive ones . Chris La Valle`s schedule is very busy, so it is advisable to arrange then within a six month period in advance. You can ask for personal tuiton in the above courses if for any reason you cannot attend regular classes. The courses in Argentina are given in Spanish and in English. (There´s an additional charge for the bilingual service as Spanish is the official language in Argentina)